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Master of Commerce – M.COM Second Year Solved Assignments for July 2017 and January 2018 Admission Cycles

M.Com Second Year Tutor Marked Solved Assignment

Course Code : MCO – 04
Course Title : Business Environment
Assignment Code : MCO-04/TMA/2017-18
Coverage : All Blocks

MCO – 04 Business Environment Solved Assignment for 2017-18

Following are the questions of MCO-04: Business Environment of IGNOU – M.Com Second Year Assignment. To download answers of all the questions of this assignment in English click on the question, you can view or download the answer there.

Question 1. How does socio-cultural environment affects business decisions-making? Give a brief sketch of the nature of socio-cultural environment prevailing in India.

Question 2. “The scope and coverage of labour legislation are very wide and overlapping”. Elucidate the statement with a brief overview of labour legislation in India.

Question 3. Distinguish between the following;

(a) Capital Market and Money Market.
(b) Speculative Transaction and Investment Transaction
(c) Budla System and Equity Derivatives
(d) Commercial Bill and Treading Bill

Question 4. Comment in the following statements:

(a) The environment within which a business firm operates is highly dynamic and complex
(b) Environment and Management influence each other
(c) Every company encounters certain publics in its environment
(d) Marketing intermediaries constitute an integral part of macro environment.
Question 5. “Economic planning has assumed different forms in different countries. Hence there is hardly any agreement among economists on the concept and nature of economic planning”. Elaborate on this statement.
Question 6. (a) State the causes of disequilibrium in the balance of payments. Suggest measures for establishing equilibrium in the balance of payments.
Question 6. (b) Explain the concept of globalization as a national policy with particular reference to the policy initiative taken by government of India since 1991.

Note: These assignments are valid for two admission cycles (July 2017 and January 2018). The validity is
given below:
1. Those who are enrolled in July 2017, it is valid upto June 2018 Term End Examination and you must submit assignment to the Coordinator of your study centre latest by 15th March 2018
2. Those who are enrolled in January 2018, it is valid upto December 2018 Term End Examination and you must submit assignment to the Coordinator of your study centre latest by 15th September 2018

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