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MCO-04 : Business Environment – M.Com Solved Assignment 2018 – 2019


Master of Commerce – M.Com Second Year Solved Assignments for July 2018 and January 2018 Admission Cycles

MCOM Second Year Tutor Marked Solved Assignment

Course Code : MCO – 04
Course Title : Business Environment
Assignment Code : MCO-04/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

MCO – 04 Business Environment Solved Assignment for 2018-19

Following are the questions of MCO – 04: Business Environment of IGNOU – MCOM Assignment for 2018-19 session. To download answers of all the questions of this assignment in Hindi or English click on the question, subject to availability of answer, you can view or download the answer there.

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Question 1. Write explanatory notes on the following :

(a) Producer Companies
(b) Evolution of Corporate Legislation in India
(c) Basic Framework of the Companies Act
(d) Applicability and Coverage of SICA, 1985

Question 2. “SEBI has been entrusted with the main responsibility to adopt suitable measures for protecting the interest of investors in securities and promoting the development and regulation of stock market”. Discuss.

Question 3. a) What were the objectives laid down for public sector in Industrial Policy Resolution of 1956? How far had they been achieved? Explain.
Question 3. b) What are the techniques employed by RBI to control the supply of money and credit? How effectively have they been used so far? Discuss.

Question 4. a) Do you think India‘s FDI Policy has been encourage for foreign investors? Give your arguments and discuss the policy.
Question 4. b) Do you agree with this view that India’s potential in R&D lies its ability to scale up R&D expenditure? Give your views.

Question 5. Comment on the following statements.

(a) The environment with which a business firm operates in highly dynamic and complex.
(b) Environment and Management influence each other.
(c) Religion is one of the important elements of a social system.
(d) A social group is dynamic and not static.

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