Question 1. (a) How would you apply t-test for independent sample and t-test for dependent samples? Explain with examples.

(b) What is a research report? What are the important points to be kept in mind, while writing a research report?

Question 2 (a) With the help of relevant scatter diagrams explain positive correlation, negative correlation, and no correlation.

(b) Whatare the (ranges) numerical values that depict positive correlation, negative correlation and no correlations?

Question 3.Briefly comment on the following:

a)Comparison between two things cannot be made unless they are really alike.

b) Point estimate is not a one type of estimate.

c) Research problem would be both abstract and of applied interest

d) Statistical meaning of bias is error

Question 4. Write short notes on the following

a) Characteristics of a good report

b) Components of Time Series

c) Utility of chi-square test

d) Class-interval

Question 5. Distinguish between the following

a) Big Sample and Small Sample

b) Knowledge & Science

c) Survey research and observation research

d) Bibliography and Footnote

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