Types of Foreign Market Entry Modes and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

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POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OPERATIONS – PGDIBO Solved Assignments for January 2017 and July 2017 Admission Cycles

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Course Code : IBO – 02
Course Title : International Marketing Management
Assignment Code : IBO-02/TMA/2017-17
Coverage : All Blocks

IBO – 02 International Marketing Management Solved Assignment for 2018-19

Question 4. You are the Marketing Manager in a computer hardware company, which manufactures laptops. The company decided to enter international markets. It is proposed to produce the laptops in the foreign country and sell them there. But the company is not interested in establishing own manufacturing facilities in the foreign country. Suggest the company any two types of foreign market entry modes suitable in this regard and explain their relative advantages and disadvantages.

ANSWER: Types of Foreign Market Entry Modes and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

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