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IBO-05: International Marketing Logistics – PGDIBO SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2019

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POST GRADUATE DIPLOMA IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS OPERATIONS – PGDIBO Solved Assignments for January 2018 and July 2018 Admission Cycles

PGDIBO Tutor Marked Solved Assignment

Course Code : IBO – 05
Course Title : International Marketing Logistics
Assignment Code : IBO-05/TMA/2018-19
Coverage : All Blocks

IBO – 05 International Marketing Logistics Solved Assignment for 2018-19

Following are the questions of IBO – 05: International Marketing Logistics of IGNOU – PGDIBO Assignment for 2018-19 session. To download answers of all the questions of this assignment in Hindi or English click on the question, subject to availability of answer, you can view or download the answer there.

Question 1. (a) Discuss the various types of surcharges that are usually levied on the basic freight rates.
Question 1. (b) How is the time charter different from bare boat charter?
Question 2. What is economic exposure? Explain the method of market initiative as a hedging technique of economic exposure.

Question 3. Differentiate between the following:

(a) Ship Owner’s Lien and Maritime Lien
(b) Air transport and Rail Transport
(c) Heavy Lift Surcharge and Long Lift Surcharge
(d) Re-order Level (ROL) and Re-order Quantity (ROQ)

Question 4. Write short notes on the following

(a) ABC Technique
(b) Tank Container
(c) Voyage Charter
(d) International Chamber of Commerce

Question 5. Briefly comment on the following:

(a) Cross subsidization is the characteristics feature of the liner freight.
(b) Bill of Lading is a document of title to goods.
(c) Application for registration is made by the ship owner.
(d) Controlling inventories are vital in the logistics activity mix

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